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VOREL (Poola)

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"Schlauchwaga" or "szlaufwaga" for smoothing out distant points.
Made of unbreakable plastic with a clear scale. Tighten the plugs to prevent water from leaking out of the measuring point.
It is especially useful for setting levels over long distances in construction, masonry and earthworks, such as comparing windows or window sills in neighboring rooms.

1. Fill the hose with water, almost without air bubbles, almost completely (leave air plugs about 5 to 10 cm long at the hose tips).
2. Keep the ends of the hose at an even height. Allow the water level to equilibrate. Mark both water levels on the hose (1 + 2)
3. Replace the end pins. They will prevent water from flowing to the measuring point. When the measuring levels are reached, remove the plugs.

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