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Sarniiri tõmmits, press Mercedes-Benz / MB

Sarniiri tõmmits, press Mercedes-Benz / MB


Condor Werkzeug (Saksamaa)

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E-hind: 202,37 € koos maksudega

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Rohkem infot

  • for disassembly / assembly of the outer supporting joints
  • can be upgraded with optional extension set No. 5507/3 for disassembly / assembly of stabiliser ball joints on front control arm
  • for Mercedes series W211 (E-class), W220 (S-class), W230 (SL-class)
  • c-shaped press frame allows all jobs to be performed directly on the vehicle
  • avoids removal of other components like e.g. steering knuckles
  • impact quality spindle with trapezoid thread

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